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Common Ground NYC is dedicated to the principle that all persons have equal and common rights to the Earth and its resources and each individual has an exclusive right to the income from his or her own labor and capital investment. Therefore, we are committed to reducing and replacing taxes on labor, capital, and wealth, and to using the value of land and other natural resources to pay for essential governmental services. We believe this to be essential to the attainment of liberty, justice, and economic opportunity for all.

Our local goals are to explore, through research, and disseminate, through publication and public discussion, the merits of collecting land rent for public revenue in lieu of other taxes. Although our efforts will focus on our own communities in New York City, we believe that this public revenue solution will benefit any community that applies it.

We believe that the New York City property tax system is in desperate need of reform. It is both inefficient and unfair. We intend to research, 'decode', and thus expose the city's assessment and tax system. We will seek to explain the system's flaws and propose a fair, workable alternative.


President/Secretary: Scott Baker

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Common Ground NYC