Hall of Shame? Who ought to be ashamed?

Certainly not the individual landowners, neither residential nor commercial. They are just trying to make a living in a tough economy like everybody else! It might irk us a bit when they hold valuable sites idle for years and years, creating eyesores and jacking up prices for everyone else -- but what the hey, that's just the way the game is played, right?

How about the government? Should it be ashamed of the way it slaps taxes on everything it can think of, and showers the rich, politically-connected fatcats with privileged access to power?

Or perhaps our educators, particularly the teachers of economics, could come in for some shame -- who fill students' heads with abstruse abstractions, til they can't see obvious facts? Shame, indeed, on the obfuscators!

There's plenty to go around. For the moment, the finger we would like to point is at those who defend our current dysfunctional system, while denying the Georgist alternative, and doing everything they can to hide the immense value of the ground under our feet -- and who gets to collect it!

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